Image by: Yasitha Amarasinghe

Image by: Yasitha Amarasinghe


Megan Street has always been a ‘go getter’ who lives life with passion and excitement. At only 25 years of age the Miss Universe Australia finalist is a published fashion model, visual artist, international actor and currently holds a Bachelor of Education (P-12) from Victoria University. 

Although the belief she has in herself is incredibly admirable, it is her exceptional interpersonal skills that bring her to where she is today. Not only is she warm, personable and down to earth but she also has a great sense of humour… Always making people laugh - Sometimes more at her than with her!

When she is not writing/being laughed at you’ll find her practising yoga, enjoying dark chocolate, reading, doing anything creative, staying up late, hugging her family/friends, or jumping around getting excited over almost anything.Although life hasn’t always been easy for Megan, a few years ago she tragically lost a friend to suicide/depression. As someone who has the ability to find opportunity in difficulty and who is deeply committed to making a difference in others' lives, this is what led her to writing,

- Christopher John